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“I looked in the mirror and I was truly amazed.”

Transcript: Client Story Video One

I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes, ever since I was a little girl. And ever since I got older, I realized that the dark circles turned into bags. So on my 42nd birthday I decided to treat myself and I did my research and I realized that Verve had a natural approach and that they yielded a natural look. So I decided to go to Dr. Bracci.

When I first came to Verve, I noticed that Dr. Bracci had this quality about him that was calm and certain. It made you realize that you were in the hands of a professional who really knew what he was doing, and it immediately set me at ease.

He was personable, he made sure that you were ok, he wanted to know what you wanted, but yet he also knows what you need as well. The thing that struck me about Dr. Bracci is that he takes into consideration the whole face, the totality of the whole face – even things that I didn’t even think about. The fullness, where it recedes, and the results speak for themselves!

Actually, the funny thing about the whole thing is that it’s made me not notice my face as much. It made me more confident. When I looked in the mirror, I thought, “That’s the me I recognize. That’s the natural me. That’s the me that I grew up with. That’s the me that I feel like on the inside.” So it matched what I feel like on the inside and that’s what was beautiful about it.

People can’t tell I’ve had anything done. They just are more complimentary to me. They say, “Oh, you’re looking good today!” Thinking that I got a hair cut, or I got more sleep, or I’m wearing my make up different, or something. It’s all been positive, and that’s exactly what I wanted – and that’s all that counts.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Bracci for anyone who wanted a little refresher. From my experience, I really feel like you’re in good hands with Dr. Bracci.

Transcript: Client Story Video Two

A couple of years ago I was noticing a few lines that kept on creeping up and I would at least like to have them softened. I started researching some doctors online and discovered Dr. Bracci. He comes very highly recommended. Also, he has very good reviews online, and he’s conveniently located for me.

Meeting Dr. Bracci, from the start, was always a pleasure. He is very professional. His staff is very professional. Of course I had concerns, like everyone else. You are allowing a person to touch your face. I wanted to be sure that these are the results that I would want; to stay with a very natural look. I also wanted to have that trust and that confidence in the doctor that was performing the procedure, that he would deliver on what he was describing and promising. I’ve always wanted to look like me, just a better version of myself, and he feels the same way about the procedures he does.

Dr. Bracci has a very professional approach but he puts you at ease right away. He explains the procedures in detail, but also in a way that you understand what is going to happen and what will be achieved.

I had the procedure done, and when I woke up the next morning I looked in the mirror, I was truly amazed. There were incredible results. It does take a few days for the final results to appear, but I could immediately see that the under-eye dark circles were immediately gone. I had the CheekRise procedure and all of a sudden there was so much more contouring to my face. Most of the shadows were just gone, and shadows are a clear indication of aging. I was just so happy with the results because you look in the mirror everyday and you are very comfortable with what you look like. To all of a sudden just see a younger version of yourself staring back is a good feeling.

One of the best reactions I’ve had was from my youngest brother. He hadn’t seen me in a couple of months, and I went home to visit a few months ago. He fetched me at the airport and he couldn’t stop staring. We’re very close, we’re very good friends, and he kept on just commenting on how wonderful I look, how youthful I look, how refreshed my face looks. I have to admit it became a little embarrassing after awhile! But it was a fantastic response.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bracci’s services to anyone, even if you’re just looking to have something small done, or a youthful restoration, or more drastic work, I would highly recommend him. He truly listens to the customers that come in. He works with you to achieve what you’re looking for, and he truly partners with you in achieving the results. Dr. Bracci, when he makes a promise, does deliver on that promise.

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